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VeeFriends World AR Experience

Prepare to experience a magical journey!

Together with Gary Vee and his team, we've opened a gateway to a captivating cartoon universe of VeeFriends, enabling thousands of fans to mingle with their beloved characters through Augmented Reality.

Take a look at how we breathed life into the World of VeeFriends.

VeeFriends stands at the forefront of transmedia, entertainment, and events.


Brought to life by the creative genius: Gary Vaynerchuk

(Gary Vee), this vibrant universe is populated with 283 distinctive characters, each embodying the values and traits that Gary advocates for. Far from simple sketched imaginaries, these characters are symbolic icons, reflecting a world of magic, friendship, and inspiration.


We were asked to bring this world to life so thousands of fans could experience it during the live event VeeCon 2023, hosted in the city of Indianapolis in May, 2023. And we did…

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After an electrifying brainstorming session with the VeeFriends team, we delved into the rich lore, relationships, and settings, leading us to choose 11 characters and 3 locations for this immersive journey.

Preserving the recognizable style of their roster was paramount.

Collaborating closely, we optimized these for AR, taking on the exciting challenge of an environment teeming with characters, storylines, relationships and signature spaces.

We worked hard and were able to modify the characters and environments so their size was 80% less than the originals, while preserving a polished and detailed look!

This project presented the thrilling challenge of bridging the physical and digital realms via a solid portal.


Collaborating with the team designing the event's physical layout, we crafted our own functioning miniature version of the proposed portal and sent as a gift (and testing tool) to VeeFriends.


The real magic occurred when we scaled this up, syncing our digital experience with the physical event portal – a true testament to the harmonious blend of real and virtual.

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