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Time Travel with IE University

Our client for this project was the IE University, based in Spain, an institution known for its forward-thinking and innovative approach to education (now we are humble witnesses to the truth of that claim). This year, as they celebrate their milestone 50th anniversary, IE University launched "The Next 50" initiative.


This initiative not only aims to prepare for the coming decades but also to fully understand what society will confront in fields such as education, technology, global governance, and sustainability by fostering a dynamic educational environment and perpetually pushing the boundaries of traditional learning. The creation of our augmented reality portal and a virtual reality environment per school aligns perfectly with their visionary outlook, adding a new, immersive dimension to their exploration of past, present, and future learning scenarios.

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We started this process by creating the Augmented Reality component of the project. We met with their team, got to know their different schools, their philosophy and what they had in mind to prepare their students for the future of learning. They wanted to portray a journey through different eras of education as an immersive experience that could be navigated by their students live in the events in celebration of their 50 years. The eras chosen for this project were: caveman era, ancient greece, renaissance, xix century and a sight of the future. 


Bringing 5 immersive environments into a single. Back in Spain. The particular challenge for this project was the fact that we didn’t want five different experiences, but a single portal from which they could navigate (and effectively time-travel) through the different scenarios. We went for a web-based experience with a simple UI to allow students to flip through the selected eras. With the IE team we decided for this portal to activate only from a physical device, so we went ahead and created both miniature and real-scale doorframes to test the experiences alongside their team at Spain.

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