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Almanac 2024

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We are writing a book :)

For the past two years, Sunken Blimp has worked on dozens of projects that, for lack of better words, were absurd. Now crossing the two-year mark, we compiled every single exploration in design, architecture, Augmented Reality & 3D printing into this Almanac. 

Through these pages, the reader will find tips, narratives, documentation, sketches, AR demos to visualize the projects firsthand, dreams, jokes, and terribly written poems. 

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Beeing in the waiting list secures you a copy upon release, and we will also keep you updated with any news regarding the publication. That includes sneak peeks ;)

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Pre-order the Almanac

The Sunken Blimp's Almanac is already cooking up in the oven. Pre-order now and receive it fresh to your doorstep.

Almanac Vol. 1

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